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Beautiful decor, in house roasted coffee, friendly staff ... What more could you ask for?


Before Kitt's Kitchen & Coffee became a reality, we listened to numerous stories told by many who had interesting and passionate experiences as coffee farmers, coffee roasters, shop owners, baristas, etc. and their stories resonated with us, not because we had relatable coffee based experiences, but because we had relatable human experiences. And as we listened to them, their stories built a connection between us that we soon realized could easily last much longer than the few minutes or even hours that it took to tell their actual stories.

It was then that we began to understand the importance of human connection and we knew that we wanted to create an opportunity where we could contribute to the overall story and create new connections for ourselves as well as for those that we would meet through our business and to whom we would begin to tell our own story. And that was the beginning of Kitt's and its story that would soon follow.


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